Telugu Action And Adventurous Movie Of All Time

Telugu Action And Adventurous Movie Of All Time

The Telugu film industry is known for its lavish and boisterous cinema depiction, from high-budget production to professional ensemble casting. For its cinematic excellence, the Telugu film industry has been a pillar of the South Indian film industry.

However, audiences have turned away from traditional entertainment and toward more raw and content-rich films in the film industry. This was mainly due to the rise of OTT platforms, which produced low-budget films and series with so much content that they ignited a cinematic revolution. Beyond entertainment, OTT networks and streaming services produce and distribute films and shows that will surprise viewers.

Check out the numerous OTT platforms available for streaming the Telugu film industry’s cinematic genius to learn more about the curated lists of movies online in Telugu.

Here is one such movie that will help you better understand what the Telugu film industry offers to its audience.

Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo is a 2016 Telugu romantic action-thriller film that was written and directed by Gautham Menon. Starring Naga Chaitanya and Manjima Mohan in the leads with Rakendu Mouli and Baba Sehgal in supporting roles. With music curated by veteran A.R Rahman and editing by Anthony Gonsalvez, the film was released on the 11th of November, 2016.

The film narrates Rajnikanth’s story, who is seen as a protective brother, protecting his sister Maithrei from a few men. The film shows a few flashbacks about Rajnikanth’s life as a youth which then shifts to the present, where he is now grown up. The story takes momentum when he falls in love with his sister’s best friend Leela and goes on a road trip to Kanyakumari. Rajnikanth is a bike enthusiast, goes on the journey with Leela on his bike, and that’s when things take a drastic turn.

While going back via Kolhapur to drop Leela at her home, they are met with a fatal accident that injures his shoulder. On the same day, Leela’s parents were attacked, leaving her father to succumb to his wounds. It is later revealed that Rajnikant is an IPS officer posted in Kolhapur. The second half of the film revolves around how Rajnikanth takes revenge on a corrupt politician, corrupt police officer Kamat who is behind Leela’s father’s killings and is behind plotting the murder Rajnikanth’s parents and a gangster, Hiren. How Rajnikanth does so and how his love story progresses with Leela forms the rest of the plot. While the first half is paced well with a highlight performance from the young actor who plays Rajnikanth in his youth and A.R Rahman’s magic with his groovy and fresh music and background score, the second half is engaging, serious and forms a gripping thriller to keep you engaged.

Naga Chaitanya delivers a phenomenal performance, and the director takes the best out of him.

All in all, Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo is a good film to watch to know more about the Telugu film industry. If you want to watch Telugu action movies online like Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo, AHA is your one-stop destination. The new OTT Platform has all the new and best Telugu movies to keep you entertained.

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